Because healthy associates are happier associates.

We care about our associates' well-being and offer a variety of benefits programs to meet their needs. More information and enrollment forms are provided during new hire orientation.

Medical, Dental & Vision Coverage

  • Full-time associates can select from a variety of medical plans, including our two self-insured plans or an HMO plan where available.
  • Our plans offer competitively priced co-payment for office visits and prescription drugs.
  • The dental plan provides insurance benefits payable to eligible dentists across the country.
  • The vision plan provides a comprehensive eye exam and glasses or contact lenses.
  • GEICO pays a significant portion of associates' medical and dental insurance premiums.

Associate Assistance Program (AAP)

GEICO's AAP provides up to three phone and/or in-person counseling sessions at no cost. Health and well-being benefits include:

  • Work/life balance programs
  • Smoking cessation programs, drug and alcohol assistance
  • Counseling for stress, anxiety and depression
  • Financial counseling and aid during crisis situations

Long-term Disability (LTD)

  • Full-time associates can voluntarily enroll in our LTD benefit.
  • After three years of consecutive service, GEICO will pay your basic LTD premium. Associates may increase their LTD coverage by purchasing a buy-up benefit.

Physical Fitness

  • Many offices have on-site fitness centers or offer weight loss programs.
  • Local gym membership discounts may be available in some locations.
  • Some offices host classes such as tai chi, yoga, Pilates, Zumba or aerobics.
  • Many associates participate in company-sponsored athletics, such as volleyball, basketball, softball leagues and golf tournaments.

*Benefits may vary for interns and part-time associates.