GEICO actuaries do more than crunch numbers.

As an actuary at GEICO, you'll work on teams to develop products, analyze insurance industry trends, write business proposals, give presentations, and interact with associates from across the company. We're hiring entry-level candidates as Actuarial Assistants within Pricing or Reserving—both departments are located at our corporate office in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

  • As a pricing actuary, you'll assist in setting the rates in various states for our insurance products, including auto, motorcycle, RV, boat and/or ATV.
  • In reserving, you'll help forecast and determine the amount of money GEICO needs to hold on to (in reserve) in order to make payments on existing and future insurance claims.

Actuarial Exam Support You Deserve

An important part of an actuary's professional development involves advancing through a series of exams offered by the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS). As an Actuarial Assistant at GEICO, you will receive support throughout your career as an actuary, including:

  • Up to 115 paid study hours per exam
  • Opportunities to take review courses
  • On-site quiet rooms for studying
  • Financial support for CAS exams and VEE courses
  • First-time passing bonuses
  • An exam coordinator to assist with exam processes

As you pass your actuarial exams, you may be eligible for raises and performance-based promotions. If your goal is to become a CAS Fellow—then we'll help you achieve it!

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