Help a GEICO customer in their time of need

Claims Service Representatives are the first point of contact with our customers following an accident. Claims Service Representatives take inbound calls to deliver exceptional customer service, provide reassurance to customers, and gather information to advise customers of the next steps to get them back on the road.

Liability Claims Representatives investigate more complex accidents where it's less clear which driver was at fault while providing exceptional customer service. To determine fault, these adjusters will evaluate policy records and interview drivers, passengers, and witnesses to uncover the truth. Once the facts are known, Liability Claims Representatives work to settle the claim by negotiating with those who were involved in the accident, competing insurance companies, and sometimes even attorneys!
At GEICO, outstanding service and dedication to our customers is noticed. Where performance, strong time management and ongoing development are recognized and rewarded. Claims associates average two pay increases in their first year and have strong opportunity for upward advancement in the company.
Education & Training
Become a licensed insurance professional and receive paid industry-leading training.
Receive one-on-one feedback to help further develop your skills.
​​​​​​​Career Growth
Accelerate your career with various opportunities for advancement and pay increases.

Drive a Successful Career in Claims

"Having exceptional time management skills is critical to success in Claims. Every day, I balance multiple claims and make sure that I resolve the claim as efficiently and quickly as possible."

Tresa G.

"I have a passion for helping others. It is a rewarding opportunity to be able to assist those whose lives have been disrupted by an accident and help them return to normal as quickly as possible."

Doug T.

"I love being able to use my critical thinking skills to assess claim details and help fix the situation. Helping customers when the facts aren't clear makes the outcome that much better."

Patty R.

Opportunities for Claims Agents

Most of our management staff started in an entry-level position. GEICO values hard work and believes in internal promotion. This means there are countless opportunities in the company, whether it's moving into a management role or expanding your skills to a new department in the company.

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Auto Damage Adjusters

Help put customers at ease after an accident. Auto damage adjusters explain the vehicle repair process, provide reassurance on the work being done, and more.