Leadership Programs

Accelerate your leadership potential!

GEICO believes in a culture of internal growth and promotion-which is why GEICO offers multiple leadership programs to college graduates. These programs provide successful associates with the opportunity to learn the job first-hand, while also completing a leadership curriculum that prepares them for a future management position. Associates in these programs observe successful members of management, lead a small team of associates to sharpen their leadership ability, and are provided with a dedicated mentor who is committed to their development.

Management Development Program

Emerging Leaders Program

GEICO offers college graduates with a 3.0 GPA an opportunity to enhance their leadership potential in the Management Development Program. In this program, associates specialize in a single department: Sales, Customer Service, Claims, or Auto Damage. After on-the-job training and performing the job first-hand, they become an expert in their field while working towards promotion into a supervisory position.

GEICO offers college graduates with a 3.5 GPA an opportunity to enhance their leadership potential in the Emerging Leaders Program. The program offers two different tracks: Business Operations and Information Technology.

In Business Operations, associates become an expert in Sales, Service, Claims, and Auto Damage while working towards a promotion into a manager position. In Information Technology, the program is tailored to the associate's background and skills while working towards a promotion into a leadership role. Rotations emphasize technical work and project management in areas including software development, analysis, data science, cyber security, telecom, and more!

Upon successful completion of the program, many Information Technology associates become a team leads, technical supervisors, and scrum masters.
GEICO offers leadership development programs in many departments within the business. While the length of the program varies by department, associates are reviewed for pay increases throughout the program and awarded pay increases based on performance. The opportunity to advance your career at GEICO is limitless; associates who have completed these programs have gone on to later become Supervisors, Managers, Directors, Assistant Vice Presidents, and Regional Vice Presidents!
Education & Training
Become a licensed insurance professional and receive paid industry-leading training.
Receive one-on-one feedback to help further develop your skills.
Career Growth
Accelerate your career with various opportunities for advancement and pay increases.

Lessons Learned in Leadership

"Empathy has been fundamental to my success in the Management Development Program. Being empathetic has not only helped me connect with customers, but also helped me connect with other associates here at GEICO."

Bianca K.
"During my time in the Emerging Leaders program, I was able to show my project management skills. I was tasked with completing several complex projects where my recommendations were implemented to improve business outcomes. This required me to be resourceful and persistent in order to exceed expectations."

Tatiana R.
"When finishing up college, I was looking for a job. One of my friends was in the Management Development Program at GEICO and explained the numerous opportunities for leadership advancement within the company. Since then, my ambition and openness to feedback have allowed me to advance my career as a supervisor in two different divisions in the company-I am eager to continue to progress my career in leadership at GEICO."
Trey D.

Jobs Similar to the Management Development and Emerging Leader Programs


Technology Development Program

Our desire to dig our hands into everything new about the tech field led us to create our Technology Development Program. As a part of GEICO's TDP, associates choose one of three tracks in our IT department to become fully immersed in the world that track has to offer. We like to think GEICO's a technology company that sells insurance –and our TDP makes sure of that.

Business Leadership Summer Internship

Business Leadership Interns are welcomed into the GEICO family for an 8-10 week internship during the summer. Interns receive an inside look at GEICO's business operations, collaborate with their peers to develop solutions for real-world business opportunities, and present their ideas to senior management